June Update: 3 Reasons To Own Your Marketing Assets

3 Reasons You Need to Own Your Marketing Assets

As a marketing agency, we’ve seen the full gamut when it comes “marketing hostages.” You’ve probably heard about the horror stories, and you may have experienced one of the following with your company (if you have, we are deeply sorry).

Here are a few of the situations we have helped companies work through:

  • Losing all their Google Business Profile reviews 
  • Losing all their Google data and needing to start over
  • Needing to build a new website because they couldn’t get admin access to their current one to make the necessary changes
  • The website being down for several weeks with no response from the builder
  • Not being able to access their Google Business Profile and needing to jump through Google’s many hoops to gain ownership again

What is the common theme in these scenarios?

A 3rd-party had primary ownership of the marketing assets! 

Maybe the fault was with a former agency with a bone to pick or a designer who went out of business, but the bottom line remains: you as the client should be the primary owner of your marketing assets! 


What do we mean by “marketing assets”?

A marketing asset is anything storing data or permissions for your online marketing material. This includes your website, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile, website domain, Facebook Ad Account, Google Ads Account, Google Tag Manager (GTM) Account, Facebook Pixel, etc.


What could go wrong if I don’t own them?

Thankfully, the horror stories aren’t an everyday experience, and most marketing agencies operate with integrity! But the reality is if a 3rd party has primary ownership of an asset, then they could theoretically take your data - and online brand - hostage.

Here are the 3 biggest issues:

  1. Losing access to the assets: If the 3rd party revokes your access, they suddenly control your assets and can make changes without your knowledge. This can lead to lost sales, damaged brand reputation, etc.
  2. Data loss: While losing data might not seem like a huge deal to some, it is detrimental because historical data is the bedrock for future strategies and plans.
  3. Needing to start from scratch: When all else fails, you may need to start completely from scratch with a new account. This requires a lot of work and losing all your current data and online momentum.


What can you do? 

The most important thing is to check to see who is the primary owner of your digital assets. If you are a LifeX client, we would be happy to check for you and help you make any necessary changes in permissions! Feel free to drop us a note here on how we can help.

Problem-Solving: Is it a muddy puddle or a leaky ceiling?

I enjoy following the author James Clear who is best known for his book Atomic Habits. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it!

Here is Clear’s interesting perspective on problem-solving:

“I split problems into two groups: muddy puddles and leaky ceilings.

Some problems are like muddy puddles. The way to clear a muddy puddle is to leave it alone. The more you mess with it, the muddier it becomes. Many of the problems I dream up when I'm overthinking or worrying or ruminating fall into this category. 

Is life really falling apart or am I just in a sour mood? Is this as hard as I'm making it or do I just need to go workout? Drink some water. Go for a walk. Get some sleep. Go do something else and give the puddle time to turn clear.

Other problems are like a leaky ceiling. Ignore a small leak and it will always widen. Relationship tension that goes unaddressed. Overspending that becomes a habit. One missed workout drifting into months of inactivity. Some problems multiply when left unattended. You need to intervene now.

Are you dealing with a leak or a puddle?”

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Meet Asher Witmer - Account Manager & Copywriter

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Meet Asher, our problem-solving guru who thrives on fixing broken things. This goes for anything from websites, to home repairs, to faulty systems, and even to bringing healing to human relationships.

At LifeX, Asher brings a passion for helping businesses turn passive readers into active participants ensuring their message, product, or service reaches those who need it.

When he's not shaping words or strategies, you'll find Asher immersed in hands-on activities like woodworking and landscaping. He also enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities, and above all, finds joy in cherishing his family.

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