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Develop As A Leader

Business Strategy & Planning

Enhance Team Function

You're awesome at what you do...

...but the business stuff might be another story.

Many small businesses are incredibly talented in their service, but when it comes to marketing, operations, management and more they feel dread, exhaustion, and sometimes just plain lost.

When you own a small business doing "the business stuff" is a necessity but it doesn't have to be impossible.

We believe you can develop as a leader and guide an amazing team of people that offers incredible value to the world.

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Why Work With
LifeX Marketing?


    We have team members certified by Maxwell Leadership and as Working Genius facilitators.


    Our coaches work in real businesses so they understand the challenges you face and their knowledge isn't just book knowledge. 


    We are sincerely passionate about seeing businesses achieve success through increased organizational health. 


The Coaching Tools
We Offer To Help Your Business

Working Genius

A certified facilitator helps you discover your gifts and transform your life.


Develop a strategy for sustainable, consistent business growth.

systems &

Streamline operations and improve productivity so you can have the work-life balance you desire.

Mission &

Find a mission and vision that is compelling and appealing to everyone in your organization.


Develop loyalty, passion, and competence in your most valuable resource - your employees.


Get assistance in setting realistic measurable goals that your company can rally around.

"Nothing gave me an 'aha' moment like the Working Genius. It dialed in something for me that's been a question for years. It game me a sense of freedom."

-Michael Hyatt, NYT best-selling author

How Effective Business Coaching


Hone in on the important stuff and cut out the fluff. You'll have a mission worth fighting for (not just corporate speak) and step-by-step goals to help you get there.  


As you develop as a leader and manager you are enabled to invest in life's most important things like family and community. We're not about making your life easy, but rather about making if happy and fulfilled. 


The day you finally achieve your dream of a profitable business other problems set in. We help you grow your business with systems and operations in place so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Meet Our Business Coaches

Coaching Phil

Phil Beiler

Are you feeling stuck in your business, unsure which steps come next? I deeply believe that you and your business have an unmeasurable amount of potential and that the problems you face have viable solutions. By using questions, I help you unlock your potential all while offering perspective and support in every step of the journey. It may not be easy, but growth is always worth the effort.


Coaching Emily

Emily Smucker

Have you ever noticed that some tasks energize you, while others frustrate and drain you? As a Working Genius facilitator, my aim is to help you and your team discover your geniuses and frustrations so you can excel at what you love, support and rely on each other, and avoid burnout. The Working Genius Framework is simple yet lifechanging, and I'd be honored to assist you in creating a fulfilling, sustainable work environment.

Working with Phil or Emily is easy! All you have to do to get started is:

1. View Coaching Packages

We offer numerous coaching packages so you can get something that fits your needs. 

2. Schedule a Call

Once you know which package works best for you, contact your coach for an initial consultation. 

3. Start Tackling Problems

We help you tackle problems you're facing in business with understanding and an action-oriented plan. 

Let's revolutionize your marketing

We're StoryBrand Certified Guides, which means we use a proven framework, called StoryBrand, that will straight up revolutionize your marketing, help you connect with your audiences in a whole new way, and lead to never-before-seen engagement and growth for your organization.

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Experience the StoryBrand difference for yourself and your organization by scheduling a simple call.

We'd love to talk to you and revolutionize your marketing.