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Clear Messaging

Compelling Copy

Better Lead Conversion

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Is confusing messaging hurting your business?

If customers have to work to understand the copy on your website they won't stick around long. Or, if you can't make your products and services appealing to your clients they'll click away in a heartbeat.

We use the principles of story to write copy that is clear and compelling.

That means you convert more leads, increase customer engagement and increase sales and revenue.

Why wait? Your company deserves a message that is clear, compels customers, and converts leads! 

Why Work With LifeX Marketing?

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    Our copywriting and marketing strategy is done by Storybrand Certified Guides.

  • 24 hour service


    Our team is always available to support you - no hold times, unanswered emails, or unsolved problems. 


    Our clients have seen results including 200% organic traffic increase, 75% revenue growth in one year and much more. 

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The difference our clients have seen because of Storybrand and SEO:

Average Project ROI
More Website Visitors in 6 Months
Keyword Growth in One Year

The Copywriting Services
We Offer To Help Your Business


Have a website that clearly presents your business and converts more leads.

Your Business Narrative

Develop the story & narrative for your company's mission, products, and services.


Looking for a compelling print ad or brochure? Let us help you create something amazing!


Blogs are a great way to build your company's brand, authority, and online presence.


We'll write and implement an email campaign that leads read and engage with.


Use well-designed ads for Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Keith Eby testimonial

"I highly recommend LifeX Marketing. I was dreading the headache of developing a new website for our business. The many different lines of product that we sell make it challenging to have clear messaging. But LifeX helped us develop the website in a way that really serves our customer's needs.

-Keith Eby, Ebyland LLC

How Storybrand Copyriting


It's simple: customers won't buy your products if they are confused. Make your messaging clear, concise, and direct.


Clear messaging doesn't mean you have to be boring. We use the elements of story to write engaging copy that attracts your customers and calls them to action. 


When qualified leads know what you offer and get engaged with your message, your sales improve. 


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    We meet with you to listen to your business goals and develop a custom marketing strategy for you. 

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    We strategize with you to define exactly what you need and establish a project scope that works for you and accomplishes your goals. 

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    We implement the custom marketing strategy for your business - always communicating clearly and sticking to the delivery timeline.

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    We meet with you to listen to your business goals and develop a custom marketing strategy for you. 

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    We dig into your current marketing and help you create a budget and plan that fits your business and goals.

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    We determine priorities, set deadlines, and deliver consistent monthly deliverables that help grow your business. 

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    We meet with you monthly to show how your budget is being used, go over results, and get your feedback. We're always 100% transparent with our work and advice. 


The Storybrand Framework organizes your company's product and mission in a story format that is clear, concise, and compelling!

The result?


At LifeX Marketing we are Storybrand Certified Guides, and we use the Storybrand Framework to make our client's websites and messaging clear and compelling.

Whether it is website copy, print ads, online messaging, or a blog post, you can have messaging that engages your customers.


Storybrand Copywriting FAQ's

Does confusing messaging really hurt a website and sales?

Sadly, it does. If qualified leads visit your website and don’t know what you sell, why they should buy your product, or even how to buy your product, they will be confused and not be as quick to purchase your products and services.

Can anyone be a Storybrand copywriter?

No, a copywriter needs to be trained and certified by Storybrand to be a Storybrand copywriter.

Look for the badge that says “Certified Storybrand Guide” and check the expiration date. This tells you if the copywriter is certified and receiving the ongoing Storybrand training and support.

What is included in your Storybrand copywriting?

As certified Storybrand copywriters, we provide a variety of Storybrand messaging services including website copy, email campaigns, online and print ads, a business narrative, and much more!

What is a Storybrand business narrative?

Using the Storybrand framework, we put your business or nonprofit’s services into a story form. This engages visitors to your website and increases lead conversion.

Why is Storybrand copywriting and messaging more effective in converting leads?

Because it is based on a story format that makes the customer the hero, it engages qualified leads and pulls them into action.

Who created the Storybrand Framework and messaging?

Donald Miller started the Storybrand business and model.

My email campaigns aren’t performing very well; will hiring a Storybrand copywriter help?

Yes! Storybrand copywriting includes techniques and messaging designed to optimize your email campaign’s open rate and success.

I hear the term “Storybrand website wireframe” a lot. What is that?

A website wireframe is the foundation or core of a webpage. Although the exact format varies between Storybrand copywriters, the main idea is the same: To create strategic copy and flow of the webpage without all the design features.

The different design features - colors, formatting, pictures, etc. - are added later by a graphic or website designer.


Why is the website wireframe so important?

To have an effective webpage with compelling messaging, it is key to get the copy and flow of the page established before the design and formatting is completed.

It’s like a building’s blueprint - if you don’t have a solid plan, the webpage looks and feels like it was created hastily without much thought!


Are you ready for a Storybrand Copywriter
to make your messaging clear and compelling?

As a business owner, you want clear copy that informs and compels your customers to action.

Sadly, many owners are frustrated because their company's messaging is confusing their customers.

Good copywriting takes two things that are always scarce: time and energy.

Because the resources aren't there to make the messaging better, it remains the same, even though it isn't clear.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We believe every company deserves clear messaging that creates an ROI and profit for the business.

We begin by listening to your business and marketing goals.  We then work on building a custom marketing strategy for your business.

This strategy includes designing a website using compelling copywriting based on Storybrand principles, and having a Storybrand SEO plan.

After that, our team implements your marketing strategy.  You can say goodbye to your marketing headaches and focus on what you really want to do - grow your business!

Schedule a call today.  We are excited to hear from you and begin working with you!

Let's revolutionize your marketing

We're StoryBrand Certified Guides, which means we use a proven framework, called StoryBrand that will straight up revolutionize your marketing, help you connect with your audiences in a whole new way, and lead to never-before-seen engagement and growth for your organization.

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