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Do you build things? We've helped companies in the construction business break profit records!

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Your non-profit has a great mission and goal. We'll help make people aware of your amazing work! 

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If you manufacture a product that people need, we can help you get it in front of the right eyes.

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Do you serve other businesses? It can be a tough job, but we're here to help you make it work. 

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Home Services

If you offer a home service, we'll help your clients see how much they need your product or service. 

Marketing Projects in the Construction Industry

Keystone Custom Decks homepage screenshot

Keystone Custom Decks

As a contractor that builds custom outdoor living spaces, Keystone Custom Decks wanted to redesign their website, messaging, and company story to engage more customers. Using the Storybrand Framework, we helped them tell the story for their business and product lines, and also built a website reflecting their brand and messaging. We also built an updated Project Gallery with advanced filtering to better show and present the projects they build.

K Graber Construction

K. Graber Construction offers a variety of residential and commercial construction services in Northcentral Indiana. Their goal with a new website was twofold: Better show and represent the services they offer to potential customers, and have a website optimized for the different areas they served. Through a new website and ongoing SEO, we are helping them achieve both these goals, complete with an updated Project Gallery!

website built for construction company
DG Builders transparent

DG Builders

DG Builders was looking for an updated website that clearly showed the different construction services they offer their customers in South Carolina, complete with a Project Gallery to show customers projects they have built. With Storybrand messaging and a new website, they have been able to reach more qualified customers for the services they offer.

Choice Exteriors

Coming from a templated, basic website with a "mass marketing" approach, Choice Exteriors wanted a unique website that portrayed the style, projects, and branding that they offered. With updated messaging and a focus on their business style, we built them a website that truly reflects their company and services.

screenshot of Choice Exteriors homepage
screenshot of Fortress Construction homepage

Fortress Construction

Fortress Construction was looking for a website overhaul with messaging and photos, particularly on how the projects they built were sustainable, local, and high-quality. With Storybrand messaging and wireframes, we helped them improve their branding and sales presence.

Gra-Rock Redi Mix

Gra-Rock Redi Mix offers a variety of redi-mix concrete and concrete pumping to Northcentral Indiana. They wanted messaging and a new website geared towards contractors and other customers who are looking for redi-mix concrete mixed and delivered. Through ongoing SEO and blogging content, we have helped Gra-Rock meet its goals of reaching a broader commercial concrete audience in its target regions.

Gra-Rock Redi Mix homepage screenshot

Marketing Projects for
Non-Profit Organizations

Camp Deerpark homepage screenshot

Camp Deerpark

Camp Deerpark needed an updated website that displayed well with mobile devices, worked with a  Spanish language plugin, and better reflected the different camps and retreats they offered. Using Storybrand messaging and updated website design, their new website is reaching their target audience and showing a better representation of what they offer—in both English and Spanish.

Camp Andrews

Camp Andrews had a dated website that was difficult to navigate and didn't focus one a key part of what they offered - weekend group retreats. With updated messaging, better use of photos, and a new website design, we helped Camp Andrews better display the way they help urban youth and church groups experience Jesus.

screenshot of Camp Andrews website homepage
Strait Paths Foundation homepage screenshot

Strait Paths Foundation

As a nonprofit, Strait Paths Foundation offers multiple programs and relies on donor support. They wanted to redesign their website and make their messaging clear for the programs they offer. With Storybrand principles, we helped them develop a clear message and story for their programs and donors. An attractive website brought all the messaging and programs together.

Marketing Projects in the Manufacturing Industry

Iron Bull Manufacturing homepage screenshot

Iron Bull Manufacturing

Iron Bull Manufacturing offers tractor parts and trash hoppers nationally, and they needed a website that integrated E-commerce and ranked well nationally. By focusing on their messaging and Storybrand SEO, we helped them grow sales, have a successful E-commerce platform, and rank at the top of Google for many of their products.

The Mobile Chicken House

The Mobile Chicken House entered a new market of mobile-pastured egg farming, and they needed to establish a brand and clear messaging for their new website.  We helped them establish their branding and messaging as they entered a new market.

web design for the manufacturing industry
homepage screenshot of Lancaster Log Cabins website

Lancaster Log Cabins

Wanting to expand their marketing and refresh their website imagery and User Experience, Lancaster Log Cabins updated their website with Storybrand messaging, a new Project Gallery, and an increased emphasis on national SEO for their beautiful log cabins!

Buffalo River Truss

With a very basic one-page website, Buffalo River Truss approached us knowing they needed to update their messaging, photos, and website in general - including making it mobile-friendly. We took them through the Storybrand process, built them an attractive new website that focuses on the value their product brings, and optimized the new website for ongoing SEO.

homepage screenshot of Buffalo River Truss website
screenshot of Lawsen Equipment homepage

Lawsen Equipment

Lawsen Equipment came to us as a relatively new company without a website. Their goal was to build a website that showed the value of the products they offered, combined with long-term SEO value in mind. With their new website and an on-going SEO marketing plan, they have seen their online presence and sales grow significantly at a national level.

Ideal Rockaway

Ideal Rockaway builds skid steer landscape rakes, and they wanted a new website with both messaging and photos that showed the value and quality of their skid steer products. Using Storybrand messaging and wireframes, we built them a new website with a focus on their product and brand.

screenshot of Ideal Rockaway homepage
screenshot of Snap-Z homepage

SnapZ Roof Vent

SnapZ offers a lot of great features and options with their metal roof product, but they were struggling on how to present all the data and information cleanly on their website. By going through the Storybrand process and focusing on their brand, we helped them build a website that portrays their products and brand in a clean and organized format.

PEquea Structures

Pequea Structures builds and offers a variety of outdoor living and storage solutions - gazebos, pergolas, storage sheds, and more. Since they offer their products through a dealer network, we built a website that clearly showed their products in an organized way and pointed potential customers to their local dealer network.

story based marketing for manufacturing companies
SEO and marketing for manufacturing companies

Sidekick Attachments

Sidekick Attachments builds their own forklift attachments and parts—primarily trailer movers, pallet forks, and fork extensions. The problem was they didn't have a website, and they also didn't have the messaging to accurately describe what they do. With Storybrand messaging and a new website, we helped them accurately showcase and describe the products they offer and the value they add to forklifts.

True Legacy Metals

As a new business, True Legacy Metals needed a way to showcase their new company's products and services in a way that portrayed their brand and quality. With Storybrand messaging and a new website, they are ready to take their business online!

True Legacy Metals homepage screenshot

Colorado Shed Company

Colorado Shed Company was looking for a refreshed website and a marketing strategy that focused on their shed retail sales in Colorado State. We re-built their website using the Storybrand Framework and tailored their marketing and SEO strategy to their target area.

Marketing Projects for
Businesses Serving Businesses

screenshot of Ideal Manufacturing website homepage

Ideal Manufacturing

Ideal Manufacturing produces custom machinery for manufacturing companies, but they were lacking a website and online exposure. We walked them through the Storybrand messaging process and built them a website built on Storybrand principles while including SEO best practices for the manufacturing they provide.

Creation Landscaping

Creation Landscaping had a basic website that portrayed the commercial services they offered, but they wanted the messaging and design updated to better reflect their brand and the value they bring to the workplace. We updated their website with Storybrand messaging and a new design that better reflected their brand.

Creation Landscaping and Lawn Care homepage screenshot

Marketing Projects for
Home Services

Fisher's Backyard Structures

Fisher's Backyard came to us looking for a website that could easily be developed and expanded for both SEO and general marketing purposes. With focused messaging, a design refresh, and ongoing SEO marketing, they are seeing their outdoor products reach a larger audience.

screenshot of Fisher's Backyard Structures homepage
SteveCo website screenshot

SteveCo Power

SteveCo Power offers a variety of lawn mower and outdoor power equipment sales and service in Lancaster County. While their website portrayed the brands they serviced, the problem was that it was built on a template - meaning it wasn't unique, couldn't be customized, and was very difficult to portray the true value of SteveCo Power. With Storybrand messaging and a new website design, we helped them portray the true value they provide to their customers with a truly customized website!

Terrascape Supply

With an aging website that was cumbersome for customers and contractors to use, Terrascape Supply was looking for a site that had clear messaging and Calls To Action. We helped them simplify their site and improve their User Experience by combining Storybrand with their newly updated company branding.

Zimmerman Mulch homepage screenshot

Zimmerman Mulch

Zimmerman Mulch had a website with all their products, but they needed a website that laid out the products in a more organized way while better presenting the different products' value. With an updated website and new product page layouts, we helped them display their products in more organized way to their target areas in the greater Lebanon County region.

Infinity Pups

Competing on a national scale with the puppies they sell, Infinity Pups needed an effective SEO strategy to help them stay competitive in the puppy market. We optimized their site with Storybrand SEO, and their continued strategy has helped them outrank multiple competitors.

Infinity Pups homepage screenshot
Ebyland LLC homepage screenshot


With a wide variety of landscape, hardscape, and heating supplies, Ebyland wanted an attractive website with clear messaging and Storybrand SEO. We helped them engage more customers with a Storybrand website, and they are also becoming one of the top-ranking suppliers for landscape supplies in Cumberland, MD. By building a project Gallery and a new design for their hearth and fireplace products, we also helped them grow their winter business servicing and installing fireplaces and stoves.

Graber Supply

As a home supplier in Northern Indiana, Graber Supply wanted a website that clearly displayed their products and services while ranking well locally. Using the Storybrand framework, we redesigned their website to clearly reflect their product lines, company story, and rank well in Northern Indiana with local SEO strategy.

Graber Supply homepage screenshot